User Experience
made magic.

  1. Listen

    Our usability experts talk and listen to product owners, and their counterparts in users. Our user research methods follow paths to understand wants, needs and kpi's.

  2. Analyse

    We analyse to find data, but we really love when facts make sense. We set numbers and graphs in perspective with reality to give value to people and business.

  3. Initiate

    We use a handful of design and service methods to turn ideas into products. Our designers create journeys, scenarios, GUI's, visionaries and disruptive ideas.

  4. Create

    Made from facts are good, we want it to be great. Call it co-created, agile or semantic. All our team know the importance of revisits and real user tests.

It's about engagement

What we do reflect how we think. We want to make customer interactions worthwhile for all of us. Always Functional, Rational and Emotional. We simply love to solve real digital problems.

It's in our DNA to evolve

To tailor digital service is a progress, not a journey completed. We fuel ideas with real usage through user centered methods. We create, rethink and evolve technology into real life things.

How can we evolve you?

Our iStone friends
span from surdeg
to Santiago.

As a business leader you might think you need one partner for tech, and one for design. Think again. What happens with project scopes and quality when partners don’t talk? We rub shoulders and merge ideas with technology by the coffee machine every day. We fit services in between good and morning.

Magic’s seated within the machinery of iStone with over 500 colleagues excelling in ERP, CRM, BI, PIM, solution management, multichannel e-commerce, business strategy and analytics in Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Finland and Spain to USA and China. Visit

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