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Uploading 100% new digitals for Cramo

Beta uploaded today. Our ideas has transformed Cramo from Fax to swipe in 15 countries, for 330 depots and over 200.000 rentable machines in just about a year. All based in the idea of next generation rental tools + lots of hours of studies, testing, designing, coding and meetings. And meetings. And… now Champagne. It’s nice to have made a concept strong enough to cover the business of rentals as well as the corporate side of it. Check it out.

Digitals made by us

The creative process have no real rules, only a fine line between chaos and the beauty of simplicity. Often you have to go the busy route to find the essence of a service or something as simple as a case photo shoot. Just to find out that the first two ideas were kind off the best ones. In this case a paper cut experience. Like at design school, mocked and shot very apart from the digital life we live. It’s the same with our clients. Though we have a clear path to walk on (our methods and our process) we always end up taking a strange zig zag-dance to find our greater vision, to see the real needs. It’s like meeting people. We are all the same, but all so different. We might have an idea on how to talk and act, what to ask about, but when we meet up, we find out something else. Maybe it’s something this they do when they don’t think you look. Or something they say without saying. That’s the important stuff. That’s the real insights found beside the process and methods. If you just let it go, the idea will begin to form. Like the paper cut thing, or that idea that will change Cramo one day. Or the way we approach hallon.

Make it nice

In Swedish: Det blir snabbare rendering, bättre sökoptimering och snyggare kod. Kolla in min post på iStone-bloggen om varför du också ska programmera semantiskt / Johan B Läs hela blogginlägget på iStone

Fördjupa dig här/Go deeper mate:


Say hi to Anja

New week. New mate. We got the best skill to control all our best skills. Anja Edgren project manager who loves design and great stuff. She’s also nice. Great combo. Drop by and say hi someday.

Say hi to Magnus

Ok, for those who have looked close to all pictures, Magnus Flyckt has already been around for a while. But on his first day we sent him to Oslo -yes we cross borders, so we postponed the portrait thing. But… here he is! He’s not only a skilled front-end coder, but also a great record collector and dj.

Say hi to Frida

Yo! Here’s Frida Khalaj with her yo-yo! In her free time she is super creative (paint, baking decorating and re-decorating), and at magic she is super creative too (UX-designer living between her desk and the coffee machine, laying on the ground when she’s designing). AND she is clever. Damn what a catch!

Say hi to Johan no3

We introduce to you our newest pride and shine front-end developer: Johan #3- also named Forsman. Besides being extremely skilled, he travelled around the world, likes running, yoga and beer. And he is very good in speaking, in public, being toastmaster and stuff. Welcome to the team!

Handling your BI

New year and new projects. Since we have ongoing giant projects, we somewhere within needed to find more of the same. So we’re now also working on a nice little cash-money business controlling application. Luckily we have a few more ID’s coming in later. More to come about this. And that. And all the rest.

Say hi to Johan no2

Johan Lindqvist. A running man from Tyresö. Also a programmer. And a nice dude. And he sure measures up as a corner stone of the creative code diggers. Hello hello.

New year new sins

We feel that this year might make a big different on the digital scene, at least for us. We’ve been working hard to build stuff. A year almost. Soon stuff will hit the light. 2016 here we go.

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