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What are you doing?

Testing a website with REAL users is extremely useful to analyze what people are thinking and doing. In the last weeks we ran a few tests to see what people do on a clients’ website. Which functionality do they understand, which texts do they actually read, what they actually think is useful information.

We used the ’thinking out loud technique’ while they were browsing the clients website. This is always a challenge, some users are intuitively ’out loud thinkers’, they tell you everything: ’Oooh, nice picture’ ’where is this information’ ’I feel lost’ ’yay! This is what I was looking for’. While other users tell you, well, less ’​*silence*​’ ’​*silence*​’ ’​*sigh*​’.

Personally I think it is important to let the user feel as comfortable as possible, then they are more willing to share that they love or hate a website. But how to make them feel comfortable? Well, you would be amazed to see how much a cup of good coffee, a kanelbullar and some chit chat about the weather and other light subjects can do. It’s all in the preparation.

And sometimes, when the user is really stuck –yes you see this on their face, I help them a little bit: “what are you doing?” and “how do you feel?” are questions that can help both of us a lot. Them to actually answer to a question (and not feeling like they talk to a wall), and me to actually get something out of them. –so we see how the website is actually used.

/ Kim

Say hi to Robert

Eyyy lookie, a music fuelled londoner to join our music driven crew. Robert Wallis a Cargo Collective-native, Hyper Island runner and screen designer making nice things look nicer from startups and services to record covers and types and things.

Say hi to Fulvio

This electric Italian sound designer (Fulvio Castelli) can actually design, graphics and such. So we hired him as director of the arts… Ok, if you’re from Rome and passionated about music and arts you must get hired right. Welcome, ciao, hej hej tjena hallå.

Say hi to Kim

Wassup wassup. Here’s another one of the international ux-finest we’ve stumbled upon lately. Kim Feenstra Kuiper fresh from HCI studies in Uppsala she’s as natural with clients Interaction problematics as she’s playing underwater hockey.

If we can’t go abroad to work we kind of need to bring the abroad closer to us

We’re growing. And this nice PM is out today. In Swedish. Enjoy.

Internationella talanger
stärker magic

iStones UX-satsning magic by iStone rekryterar flera talanger internationellt för att möta kundernas behov.

Magic skapar affärsdrivande digitala kundupplevelser genom fokus på användbarhet och strategisk design. Byrån grundades så sent som våren 2015 och har haft en explosionsartad start. De har nu växt från 6 till 11 medarbetare på mycket kort tid som följd av att de valts som partner av ett flertal stora kunder, senast mobiloperatören hallon.
De senaste tillskotten i form av Art Directors och Interaktionsdesigners kommer från en rad länder som UK, Nederländerna och Italien.

”Teamet på Magic by iStone ligger verkligen i framkant när det gäller att förstå och utveckla det digitala kundmötet. Detta kombinerat med deras insiktsbaserade tillvägagångssätt som jag verkligen tror på gör det extra roligt att få börja arbeta med detta team”, säger Fulvio Castelli, Art Director, Magic by iStone

”Magic startades i januari och jag är stolt över vad vi åstadkommit på så kort tid. En nyckel till detta har varit en kombination av våra starka medarbetare och ett erbjudande som ligger helt rätt i tiden. Kunderna börjar verkligen förstå hur viktigt det är att ha fokus på användarupplevelse. Jag är glad att vi kan komplettera teamet med fler kompetenta personer med olika bakgrund och perspektiv. Tillsammans ska vi växa ytterligare”, säger Vincent Salzedo, Team Manager, Magic by iStone

Om magic by iStone
Magic by iStone är idébyrån som skapar affärsdrivande digitala kundupplevelser genom fokus på användbarhet och strategisk design. Magic grundades våren 2015 och är en del av den stora iStone koncernen.

För mer information, kontakta:
Vincent Salzedo, Team Manager på magic by iStone
070-437 48 12


Build on colours

Ok, when we do things by bits and blocks we often tend to stop thinking about the meaning of that small part. Where does it fit in. What part of a greater sum does it play. And what do we want it to communicate. That’s why we build on colours, not only the common. We try to push things forward. To make simple to better, greater into pushy and all in all just simply awesome.


Ok, everyone have got a blog. This is not supposed to be just another lame one. We use this as a personal note board or something. Or maybe we’ll share some great music, or ideas, yes ideas – we love that. Or insight into greater User Experience. Or if we’re looking for you. Or a new client, or some old one, maybe it has something to do with portfolios or cases or that kinda stuff. Or just stuff. Follow. It will be nice.

UX night out

We tested the Omnipollo Magic 90000 and Magic 4:20. Nice with nice pizzas and even more niceness with Karl Grandin and all that Graphics. Plus a trip to Färgfabriken for the opening of exhibition “Experiment Stockholm”, and some more… next time we need another senior Interaction Designer to join. Ok?

Get a job

New people in means new music in

Get Innocuous! LCD Soundsystem, Sound Of Silver
A New Error Moderat Moderat (Deluxe Version)
I Walk The Earth King Biscuit Time No Style
Genesis Grimes Visions
Quantum Leap John Maus We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves
Let It Happen Tame Impala Currents
Huarache Lights Hot Chip Why Make Sense?
You Call Me On Twin Shadow Confess
Winter Linn Clark Clark
Help Me Lose My Mind Disclosure, London Grammar Settle (Deluxe Version)
All Good Av Av Av They Live
Can’t Do Without You Caribou Our Love
Multi-Love Unknown Mortal Orchestra Multi-Love
My Girls Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavilion
Lush 3-1 Orbital Orbital 2
Lush 3-2 Orbital Orbital 2
Pearls Girl Underworld Second Toughest In The Infants
Blue Monday New Order Singles (US format)

Have a listen

Stay blackish

We have an office. We like it. But it’s kinda plain white, walls, tables, cupboards and all, accept our speakers and the floors, and our jeans, Jockes bling bling phone and our macs. So we had to paint a wall dark grey. Ok. Ux Flux.